(vocal jazz)


Touching voice, effortless improvisation, enchanting charisma:


Salome Moana combines three qualities that make jazz singing a musical and emotional experience. With the St.Gallen pianist David Cogliatti, the Austrian bassist Marc Mezgolits and the Hungarian drummer Marton Juhasz, the young Swiss singer from Solothurn plays her compositions and arrangements of jazz pieces. The songs tell stories, funny and sad, romantic and nostalgic. The quartet senses words, sounds and rhythms with sensitivity and passion. The interpretations combine groovy soul with jazz tradition. Sometimes the voice and piano sing together, sometimes the quartet plays a heartwarming standard to dance to the next piece of driving swing. The four musicians met at the Jazzcampus Basel and have performed together in different formations since then. 




Salome Moana (vocals, composition)

David Cogliatti (piano)

Marc Mezgolits (e-bass)

Marton Juhasz (drums)


Coming up 2019:

18.June 2019 20.00 @Damatti Bar

26.May 2019 19.30 Salome Moana & David Cogliatti (Duo) @Jazzcampus Basel, H9

26.August 2019 21:45 @Jazzcampus Basel









(From Jazz to Pop)



Salome Moana (vocals)

David Cogliatti (piano)


Independent interpretation and improvisation in the smallest formation: Salome Moana (Solothurn) and David Cogliatti (St. Gallen) feel words, sounds and rhythms with sensitivity and passion. In autumn 2014 the singer and met on the Jazzcampus Basel. They play together in various formations and jam sessions and begin to perform as a duo at private parties/weddings and in public concert venues such as the Kulturm Solothurn. In July 2016 they performed at the Blue Balls Festival, Lucerne at the KKL Seebar. They enchant the listeners in an intimate duo setting with traditional swing, soul classics and original compositions, from jazz and soul to funk and pop.



Book Salome Moana and David Cogliatti for your private or public event. Do you have special music requests? The duo will play it for you. 




© 2016 by SALOME MOANA © photos by Christiane Schnyder